Charming hotel concept



Standing proudly on their stilts, they dominate the rice paddies. Which traveler, crossing through the Khmer countryside, has not marveled at the beauty of the traditional wooden houses that punctuate the land? The delicately carved terrace banisters or the roofs with multiple sections cannot fail to make an impression.

Smitten with the charm of this architecture during their Cambodian peregrinations, the founders of Sala Lodges have reunited eleven houses dating from 1956 to 1985 in order to create a unique hotel. Frequently destined to disappear, the houses have consequently been preserved and benefit from a new lease of life.

A pure and refined interior

More than a hotel, Sala Lodges offers an authentic experience to its guests. Carefully selected from the regions surrounding the town of Siem Reap, the houses have been dismantled and carefully restored on the plot of land situated at the gates of the temples of Angkor. This procedure has allowed the wood to be recuperated whilst still preserving the forests. In addition, it is a way of returning the luster to these buildings and saving a heritage from disappearing. Decorated subtly, with touches of local artisan work, each house possesses an individual identity thanks to its architecture and its colors. Behind its stark external appearance, a pure and refined interior is revealed.

In juxtaposition with the traditional houses, the communal buildings offer contemporary and uncluttered lines. The restaurant and bar are situated at the entrance, the residents’ dining area and open-air lounge at the heart of the “village” and to conclude, the swimming pool shaded by frangipani trees are quintessential places to meet and talk.

Authentic flavors

From the best of Cambodian cuisine, meals are served in the privacy of the terraces, in the very simplicity of the lounge and long table area or in the contemporary restaurant which is also open to the public.

Along the pathways of the lush gardens, guests are able to smell, gather and taste fruits, vegetables, and aromatic plants from the region. According to the seasons, residents will have the opportunity to witness either a rice harvest or the replanting of the paddies.

Oriented fully west, the pool area beckons for relaxation following a day long excursion, rich in emotion.

As a family, as lovers, or with friends, everyone finds a place that fulfills their requirements for luxury, intimacy as well as conviviality. The thoughtful staff knows how to make all this happen so that each and every one’s stay is unforgettable.

Welcome to the authentic world of Sala Lodges!


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